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Knowledge blooms, sustainability grows in Buninyong

The world is changing rapidly, and the Smart Living Expo is your gateway to embracing sustainable practices amidst technological advancements, housing demands, and waste concerns. Our 10th-year milestone is bigger and bolder, with a focus on education and community resilience and inclusivity.

With 1800 attendees and 80 stalls last year, we're amplifying our efforts, guided by community unity. Together, we celebrate progress, while building a resilient future. Let's shape a healthier, greener world at the Smart Living Expo - it's time for positive change.

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Building Better


Create energy-efficient and healthy homes. Explore innovations, smart solutions, and eco-friendly products that enhance well-being while saving energy.

Innovating Together


Embrace the future of sustainability. Dive into pioneering technologies, renewable solutions, and revolutionary eco-friendly practices.

Live Greener


Protect our planet, starting in your community. Explore eco-living, conservation, and the green choices that can make a difference.

Be Healthier


Prioritize well-being for a sustainable life. Learn about healthy living, mindfulness, and holistic practices. It's your path to vitality.


Energy costs are rising and I just want to know a bit more about what I can do.


I met a lot of like minded people who all just want to do their bit in our community. Great day to come together.


I've seen Electrical Vehicles drive around and was just great to sit in one and ask questions to the owners.


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